FAQ (Stayner Minor Baseball)

Stayner Minor Baseball is a local volunteer run association that is all about bringing kids and families together outdoors each summer.  Our focus is learning the sport and developing skills while keeping it fun! 

We are lucky to operate in a community that cares and we receive support from local businesses and groups for which we are very grateful.  Check out our sponsor page!
We are part of the South Simcoe Minor Baseball Association (www.ssmba.ca). 

You can contact us at any time at [email protected]


What equipment is required?

> All players are provided with a Stayner Minor Baseball hat to keep. 

> Players registered in 8U up to 18U are provided with a jersey for games (Pants are not included). T-Ball players are provided with a jersey.  All uniforms are to be returned through the coach at the end of the season or the uniform deposit cheque will be cashed.

Players at all levels will need to bring their own:

> baseball helmet with a chin strap
baseball glove
Baseball Pants

Players will also need the following depending on their level:

T-Ball (6U)

running shoes (no sandals)

long pants (baseball pants, jogging pants etc.  NO shorts)

8U to 18U

baseball cleats (no metal cleats)

jock or jill
may want batters gloves and own baseball bat
When does the season normally begin?

Practices usually begin by the first week in May - weather and diamond condition permitting. Games start after the Victoria Day long weekend. Team coaches will be in contact with players and their families by mid April. Look for updates on our website and facebook page.

How long is the season?

The season usually runs from late May to the end of July/early August depending on the level played. Season ends with an end of season tournament in the lower levels and playoffs in the higher levels. See schedule for dates.

How often are the practices or games?

T-Ball (6U):

Generally there is one practice and one game per week.  This may change due to coordinating with other centers for games and changes due to weather. Please check the schedule on the website frequently.

8U to 18U:

Each team has a home field time slot for practices and home games.  Generally practices are held once weekly but this changes through the season depending on the game schedule. Games are usually played weekly however it may be necessary to play more on some weeks due to coordinating schedules with other baseball centers.  Make sure that you check the website for up to date information on scheduled games.

Why can’t you tell me what days/times our practices and home games will be before I register?

We rely on volunteers to coach our teams.  Usually these volunteers come from the parents of the players who register and we need to work around their schedules.  As soon as we know how many teams we will have and who the coaches will be, we sit down to figure out when all practices and home games will be.

I might be interested in coaching.  How do I find out what all is involved?

Let us know when you register your child if you have any questions about coaching.  All volunteers need to take an introductory coaching course which involves an online component and a half day in person session.  SSMBA refunds you the cost of this course at the end of the season.

Returning coaches are encouraged to take additional coaching courses.  If finances allow, SSMBA will refund the cost of these courses at the end of the season.  Talk to us before you register.

How far do we typically travel for our games?

We are part of the South Simcoe Minor Baseball Association and play other members of this association.  You can see a list of the other member centers on their website (www.ssmba.ca).  All games are played within Simcoe County with the exception being Beaver Valley and Mansfield.

What if my child is injured during a game or practice?

All coaches are given the health form that you filled out during registration.  All children who are registered with Stayner Minor Baseball are insured through South Simcoe Minor Baseball Association.

Please note: players who are not registered with Stayner Minor Baseball are NOT permitted on the field either during practices or games.

If a refund is requested due to injury, please understand that a full refund may not be forthcoming due to registration fees paid to South Simcoe Minor Baseball, however the executive will consider every situation on case by case basis.

What happens if my child cannot attend a game or practice?

You are asked to always inform your coaching staff if you are unable to attend games or practices.

Can I drop off my child at practices or games?

We the executive recommend that all children under tyke division be accompanied by an adult. However, if you cannot attend with your child, please advise the coaching staff before the start of the game or practice.

Are Bond Hours required?

No bond hours required, however, we encourage players and their families to participate in fundraisers in order to keep SMBA costs down.

My child is interested in umpiring, what are the requirements?

Umpiring games is a paid position.  Please contact the executive in early April to inquire about upcoming positions available. Please note that all interested individuals must complete the umpire clinic course.

Who would I contact if I had a concern or question?

If you have a concern within the team, we encourage you to speak to the coaching staff to resolve the issue. However, you may also contact the executive to help assist in resolving any issues or concerns that may arise. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected].